Crown Lengthening

A Crown lengthening treatment is the proper name for the procedure where the gums and sometimes the bone around a tooth are reshaped to expose more tooth structure.

Why Do I Need a Crown Lengthening?

The most common reasons for crown lengthening are severe cavities or tooth fractures below the gum. By exposing more of the tooth, the crown lengthening procedure can provide a better and more stable tooth foundation for the final restoration such as a crown or a filling. Crown lengthening can also be used for cosmetic enhancements for people that have short looking teeth or large amount of gum tissue hiding the teeth.


Your dentist will start altering and reshaping the gum, and in some cases the bone, surrounding the tooth. The bone is shaped so that it follows your natural bone outline.After cleaning the area, your dentist will reposition the gum back into its place.


Like most other procedures, crown lengthening is not free of possible complications. Depending on your oral bacteria, there is a slight chance of infection and prolonged bleeding. Please be sure to ask your dentist for proper home care and post-operative instruction care.

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