Stayplate (Temporary Denture)

If you are scheduled to have a tooth pulled before getting your partial denture, then your dentist may advise you to get a temporary partial denture or a stayplate while your gums and their supporting bone are healing. A stayplate will replace the missing tooth or teeth and can help you with your chewing and speaking until a more permanent solution is achieved. A stayplate will also help maintain your appearance when in public and keep your existing teeth from shifting in your mouth and creating bigger problems.

The Stayplate Treatment

Stayplates are made using your mouth as a model. First, your dentist will take an accurate impression of the upper and lower arches of your mouth and establish a bite that best resembles your original bite. Your dentist will also help you select the shape and color of the stayplate teeth and gums. This impression is then sent to the dental laboratory.

At the subsequent visit, the teeth will be removed and the stayplate will be delivered.

What You Should Know

Please keep in mind that there is no such a thing as a perfect stayplate. After delivery, it may require a few adjustment visits and some time for you and your stayplate to adapt to each other.

Stayplates can also alter your eating; you will not have the same chewing efficiency as you had with your natural teeth. Stayplate will also alter your speaking and it may require a bit of practicing before you get comfortable.

The most important point to remember is that adjusting to your stayplate is a process and stayplate is a temporary replacement until another form of treatment such as an implant, bridge or a partial denture can be made.

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